Solar Powered Sports Venues are Scoring Big

Solar panels are utilized in more and more industries every day – sports facilities are among the United States’ adopters of solar energy. Solar powered sports venues span the country and are found in arenas and facilities serving many different sporting types and fans.

Let’s take a look at some of the most notable solar powered sports venues and see how Telamon is able to help your facility go solar.

Solar Powered Sports Venues Across the Country

Solar powered sports venues are found throughout the United States, housing teams and fans throughout all types of sporting.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

As the 103rd running of the Indy 500, the greatest spectacle in racing, was just a short time ago and Indianapolis is practically our hometown, it makes sense to start with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) as we discuss solar powered sports areas. The IMS is the world’s largest sports venue in the world, as well as the largest of the solar powered sports venues and the sports venue that uses the most solar panels!

Opened in 2014, the IMS Solar Farm uses 39,312 solar modules to generate 9 megawatts of power. The carbon offset generated by the IMS Solar Farm equals 10,288 tons. IMS used 41.5 acres of underutilized land to house their solar array, turning this land into a major benefit for the facility and the environment. 

Their commitment to cleaner energy is reflected in many ways at the IMS. Ethanol is used to fuel IndyCar vehicles, and E-85 is used in NASCAR. Energy generated here also benefits approximately 2,700 area homes through the local power grid.

Lincoln Financial Field

Lincoln Financial Field, home to the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team, is one of the “greenest” stadiums throughout the globe and a leader in solar powered sports venues. Over 11,000 solar panels are used, as well as 14 wind turbines, to create over four times the power required to run the stadium during one season of home games. 

This solar powered sports venue reduced their energy budget by 33 percent with the incorporation of clean energy production. Occupancy-based lighting systems were also installed to generate power savings that total up to five years of electricity costs! The facility has earned the LEED Gold Certification from the US Green Building Council for the steps they’ve taken towards energy efficiency and other sustainability concerns.

Rio Tinto Stadium

The Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah is the nation’s top soccer facility amongst solar powered sports venues. In 2015, the facility installed approximately 6,500 solar panels which offset 73 percent of the stadium’s annual power needs. With solar panels positioned on parking structures, the facility generates a reduction in carbon emissions equivalent to taking 450 vehicles off the road or planting 47,278 trees per year.

Turn Your Stadium into a Solar Powered Sports Venue

Telamon Energy helps your facility become more energy efficient through solar panel installation. We develop commercial solar solutions that are customized for your facility, in configurations that are functional yet aesthetically pleasing. 

Through a detailed assessment of your energy needs, we establish a plan to transform your facility into one of America’s latest solar powered sports venues. Significant energy users are identified and a plan developed to generate clean solar energy to power your needs.

Bring your facility to the level of solar powered sports venues across the country with the assistance of Telamon Energy. Contact us today to talk more about your facility’s clean energy needs.