Solar Energy for Small Commercial

Brighten your profit and loss statements with solar energy.

Many small commercial businesses require constant running of energy-intensive equipment, HVAC, and other electrical necessities, which leads to your monthly electricity bills putting a strain on your cash flow. Solar energy solutions from Telamon can provide an avenue for greater control over energy expenses for small-to-medium sized businesses and drive real bottom line benefits.

Economic Benefits of Solar Energy for Small Commercial

Energy savings from solar can be substantial for any organization, especially small-to-medium sized businesses. Market data suggests that the average commercial property owner in the U.S. can reduce overall energy costs by 75 percent by going solar. Additionally, the average commercial property owner paid $1,950 in monthly electric bills before going solar in their operations; however after going solar on average they paid just around $500.  Your customers and the public will also notice your renewable energy initiatives, which can help drive customer loyalty and entice potential investors.

Why Is Now the Best Time to Go Solar?

The longer a company waits on transitioning to solar, the more it costs you. The federal investment tax credit for solar is equal to 30 percent of the amount invested in an eligible installation. However, these rates will decrease to 26 percent in 2020, 22 percent in 2021, and only 10 percent after 2021. By taking advantage of solar energy solutions and available incentive programs now, your business will begin saving money the day your system is activated, and throughout the life of the system.

Full Service Renewable Energy Services

As a leader in solar energy for small commercial, we know solutions aren’t realized without a goal. That’s why our comprehensive services begin and end with our experienced team of solar experts at your side, throughout your entire commercial solar energy project.

  • Free Financial Feasibility and Analysis

  • Financing Options through Leasing and where permitted Power Purchase Agreements

  • Project Design

  • Request for Proposal Planning and Execution

  • Construction Management and Utility Connectivity

  • Perform Final Walkthrough Before Project is Completed

Total Energy Solutions for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

While it may sound daunting to learn about an entirely new form of energy, at Telamon Energy Solutions, we are here to help. Making the move to renewable energy will help reduce your company’s energy usage, reliance on grid-supplied power, and result in lower energy costs. We also provide companies with:

  • Solar Energy

  • LED Lighting

  • Building Automation

  • ExpertShare

  • Energy Storage Systems

Maximize the Benefits of Solar for Your Small Commercial Business