Your Commercial Solar Energy Solutions Provider

Telamon Energy Solutions Produce High-Efficiency Solar Energy Systems that Power Local Entities

We provide commercial solar energy solutions for:

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing

  • Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses

  • Utilities and Co-Ops

  • Education (K-12 School Districts)

  • Local and State Governments

Telamon is your long-term renewable energy supplier with the expertise in developing commercial solar solutions and customized solar projects in any configuration. We developed the world’s largest airport-based solar farm at the Indianapolis International Airport and the designed and engineered the 1 megawatt installation on top of the IndyGo Bus Barn. We specialize in mid to large, utility-scale photovoltaic installations. Telamon possesses local business understanding, national reach, and global experience.

Why Businesses Trust Our Commercial Solar Solutions

We’ve been in business since 1985 and in the solar arena since 2012, creating commercial solar energy systems that are designed to maximize the return on your investment while reducing your annual electricity costs. Unlike other commercial solar energy providers, we don’t have a contract or distribute components from just one solar manufacturer. We go out into the market and find the best solar energy products for each client that fits their needs and budget. We’re you’re commercial solar solutions partner, not just another vendor. We provide a true picture for what your business can expect when making the transition to solar energy.

Our Commercial Solar Energy Process

  • We develop a baseline for energy use for your facility going as far back as the previous 4-5 years.

  • We develop a full-scale energy use analysis for your facility, which includes identifying a list of your significant energy users, or SEUs.

  • Once we identify which buildings or areas of your business are your SEUs, we determine the financials of what it costs for each SEU.

  • Our team takes this information back and develops a customized commercial solar solution for your business to improve energy performance that fits your budget. We design and engineer the entire solution with your business in mind.

  • We determine the financial impact of your customized solar energy solutions, ensuring each project provides the right internal rate of return for your business.

  • If needed we can provide financing options (where permitted) through leasing and power purchase agreements (PPAs)

  • Once the project is approved, our team handles procurement and construction project management. We provide oversight to the installation and commissioning of the entire solar project.

  • After construction and implementation of your new commercial solar energy solution and it is online, we sign off on the project to ensure completion. We then continuously work with you in assessing improvements and monitoring ongoing performance.