The Solar-Power Potential for Big-Box Retail Stores

Today, solar panel installations are popping up on buildings and facilities across the globe. With several industries now harnessing solar power, there’s a great potential in retail for big-box stores solar energy. See why big-box stores are perfect for solar, how it benefits your company and examples of those who currently use solar energy.

Why Big-Box Stores Solar Energy Is Perfect

Even if you don’t know much about the specifics of solar power, you know solar arrays need a lot of space. Driving by an installed solar panel system shows you just how massive these installations are for bigger facilities. 

Solar arrays are often seen on previously unused land. This may be the reason you’ve shied away from going solar, as most big-box stores don’t have excess land available. In reality, your facility is the perfect candidate.

The best resource for big-box stores solar energy is right above you – the roof! Traditionally, the buildings housing large retail operations are flat, empty, and full of sun. The roof is the perfect location for big-box stores solar energy arrays.

Benefits of Big-Box Stores Solar Energy

The space right on top of big-box retail stores in the US hold a valuable 62.3 gigawatts of photovoltaic solar capacity. If all these rooftops held big-box stores solar energy systems, the power generated is equal to the electricity needs of seven million homes.

Big-box stores solar energy usage has the potential to offset your building’s yearly electricity consumption up to 42 percent. This generates substantial savings for your facility’s operating budget. 

Not only are budget savings a great benefit to retail stores, but big-box stores solar energy is attractive to consumers. Consumers more and more spend their money with companies who’ve made a commitment to clean energy and environmental sustainability. With big-box stores solar energy, show your customers your company has listened to their concerns.

In addition, federal subsidies exist for big businesses interested in renewable energy. Tax advantages are also available to help these companies save on solar installation.

The installation of big-box stores solar energy systems also protects your business from unnecessary capital expenditures. The roof of a big-box store has a lifespan of approximately 20 years. The installation of a solar array protects the roof from harmful ultraviolet energy. 

Instead of generating damage to the roof, generate energy to fuel the store’s operation. The result is a longer roof life with fewer needed repairs. Talk about a win-win!

Examples of Big-Box Stores Solar Energy Users

Several companies have already adopted big-box stores solar energy systems on the rooftops of facilities across the country. Retail giants such as Walmart, Costco, IKEA, Macy’s, and Kohl’s are among the retail companies with the most solar capacity installed at their facilities.

Costco alone reports an energy savings of $300 daily with the solar panels installed at just two California stores! Walmart and Costco combined have implemented more rooftop big-box stores solar energy capacity than the entire state of Florida holds. 

Of IKEA’s American locations, 79 percent are equipped with solar roofs. The energy produced by these locations is equivalent to the removal of 14,000 cars from the roadway each year.

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