Can Solar Panels for Factories Really Deliver a Return?

Solar panels are popping up all over the country – you’ve probably seen them at major commercial operations as you drive by. Can solar panels for factories really deliver a return? The answer is yes – see what your business can expect when you install solar panels for factories and harness clean solar power at your facility.

Uses of Solar Panels for Factories

Solar panels for factories have been installed across the globe, and are becoming more popular than ever as companies move to incorporate clean power into their operations. Solar panel arrays provide clean solar power to a factory’s operations throughout the day, and power storage solutions are available to store generated solar power for overnight operations. As most factory production occurs in the daytime, solar panels for factories operate at their peak the same time your business does.

Solar panels for factories are versatile and are able to be installed in a number of configurations. Factory roofs are often the most ideal location, as they are traditionally flat and offer ample unused space for a solar panel array installation.

Depending on building orientation, the roof is not always ideal for the installation of solar panels for factories. If outlying, unused land is available at your commercial or industrial property, this space is utilized for solar panel installation. That vacant land that’s been sitting around for years is now put to good use to generate benefits for your company.

Returns Generated from Solar Panels for Factories

Solar energy is now the cheapest source of energy worldwide. Utilizing solar power for even a portion of your company’s operational energy consumption directly reduces fossil fuel power and delivers the difference in cost as direct savings.

Electrical consumption accounts for approximately 20 percent of energy use in manufacturing. Depending on the space available, budget, and annual energy consumption, your facility could generate all needed power for operations through the installation of solar panels for factories. The ability to generate power for operations needs also insulates a business from utility price hikes, which pose a big risk to rising budgets.

There is less money spent on operations, and savings are generated in other areas, too. Since per piece costs account for power consumed to produce the unit, solar power helps lower manufacturing expenses, therefore dropping unit costs. 

The installation of solar panels for factories qualifies certain businesses for tax credits that equal 30 percent of installation costs in 2019, which includes the price of materials and labor. The tax credit percentage decreases next year and falls until 2022, which makes 2019 the most beneficial time for your business to install solar panels for factories.

Today, corporations really feel the push from consumers and clients to lessen the environmental impacts of their operations. Going solar not only produces financial returns for a factory, but also improves public image. If your company is in search of ways to reduce carbon emissions and create more environmentally friendly operations, solar panels for factories are a clear solution to aid your mission.

Solar panels for factories generate valuable returns for businesses in many industries. Is your facility missing out? Contact Telamon Energy today to see how solar panels for factories reduce operations costs and benefit your business.