Solar for Manufacturing Operations (Buyer’s Guide)

Solar for manufacturing operations is catching on in a big way across the country. More and more facilities each day install solar arrays to offset electricity consumption and harness the power of clean solar energy in operations. 

Learn what solar can do for your manufacturing company and get a sneak peek at the buying process in our Buyer’s Guide to Solar for Manufacturing Operations.

Solar for Manufacturing Operations: Benefits

Solar is now the cheapest form of energy in the world. No matter what you currently use, you miss out on savings when it’s not solar power. Manufacturing facilities are at an advantage as well. Why? Because they have more space available for a solar array installation. The larger the solar power system, the cost of the system decreases. 

Large systems that deliver solar for manufacturing operations are more affordable than most think. This leads to quick payback periods and a higher return on investment. The power offset produced by a solar system delivers direct savings on operation costs by offsetting utility power consumption.

Buying Process: Solar for Manufacturing Operations

When you work with a qualified provider for solar for manufacturing operations, there is a process to follow. This is to your advantage because we assess your facility’s unique needs and accurately reflect costs for budget development. If you’re giving solar a thought, here’s the process we use to take manufacturers from idea to implementation.


We assess your facility’s energy consumption over the last four to five years to develop a baseline for your energy consumption. We look at what uses power and when.

Create Analysis

Through this research, a comprehensive energy use analysis is created for your facility. We identify the major systems and equipment that consume the most power right down to minor consumers. This analysis shows you the financials behind powering each significant energy user in your facility.

Create a Solution

With this comprehensive analysis, our solar for manufacturing operations designers create a customized solar solution for your facility. We engineer and design this system specific to the needs of your facility so it adequately meets your needs. 

The system is designed to improve energy performance throughout all targeted aspects of the operation and meet your budget for energy efficiency improvements.

Financial Review

We know the financial impact of such an undertaking has to make sense for your facility. We tailor our projects to meet the necessary internal rate of return for your operations.

Finance Alternatives

If you need solutions to make solar for manufacturing operations more affordable for your business, we help there, too. Where permitted, we connect you with financing options to help make installation costs more manageable for your budget. 

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) may also be a solution. These arrangements sell the excess power generated by your solar system back to a utility provider.

Execute a Construction Plan

When your facility approves the project, we procure the equipment necessary to complete your solar array and manage the entire construction project. Our team is on-hand to oversee the installation of your project from start to finish.

Monitor Performance and Provide Support

Once completed and in service, we continue to support you. We work continuously with our customers to assess solar improvements and ensure they function as expected. We monitor ongoing performance to ensure the system generates the necessary power and returns for your business.

Learn More about Solar for Manufacturing Operations with a Consultation

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