Solar Energy for Car Dealerships (Step-by-Step Guide) 

Solar panels are sprouting up everywhere, in places you least expect. The solar energy car dealerships use offsets power costs and help businesses align with eco-friendly product lines. See how solar energy car dealerships use this technology to drive their operations. Hint: It’s not just locations like California and Florida either!

Solar Energy & Car Dealerships

Car dealerships have great power demands – they consume more power per square foot of space than your typical commercial office building. Lighting is a significant cost, with well-lit showrooms and lots illuminated the majority of the day. A switch to more energy-efficient lighting systems only goes so far toward cost reduction.

Other areas of operations consume significant power as well. Service centers consume electricity to power equipment and other aspects of a facility. Electric vehicles, now a fixture in many automaker’s offerings require charging which adds to demand on the car dealership’s energy consumption.

The rooftop of your showroom is typically a great location for solar energy car dealerships to install solar panels, as they are large and usually unobstructed. Maximize this unused real estate and reduce your operations budget through power generation. 

Solar Energy Benefits Car Dealerships

Solar energy car dealerships benefit greatly from the installation of solar panels. Power generated by the array is put to use across the facility, powering lighting systems, HVAC, service equipment, and more. 

This solar power offsets the amount of utility power consumed, is cheaper, and isn’t subject to price hikes from utility providers. Lower your budget and eliminate annual increases to cover higher rates.

Today’s consumers are increasingly concerned with the environmental impacts of their purchases and the companies with which they do business. It’s one reason they’ve turned to the electric and alternative fuel vehicles you sell. 

Solar energy car dealerships show customers they are listening and put sustainable practices in place through their own operations. Align your dealership with the causes your customer base cares about. If it’s not eco-friendliness, everyone cares about spending less at the pump.

Examples of Car Dealerships Which Use Solar Energy

Solar energy car dealerships continue to grow across the country. Tax incentives through 2019 allow qualified businesses to deduct up to 30 percent of installation costs

Now is the right time to transform into one of the nation’s solar energy car dealerships. This percentage lowers each year down to 10 percent in 2022, so take advantage now to maximize your investment.

A few leading examples of solar energy car dealerships across the country include:

  • Luther Auto Group, the largest Midwestern privately-owned auto group, installed solar panel systems on 10 of its 33 dealerships to deliver 454-kilowatt hours of solar power each year.

  • El Dorado Chevrolet Mazda of McKinney, Texas is set to become one of the nation’s first net-zero solar energy car dealerships with the installation of a 3,456 solar panel system this year.

  • Gengras Motors of Hartford, Connecticut has installed two solar projects with 1,124 solar panels to generate more than 450,000-kilowatt hours of power each year.

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