The Case for Solar at Distribution Centers (2019)

Distribution centers are made up of massive buildings which span large campuses. They have significant power needs, which makes distribution center solar energy a smart solution to offset energy consumption and related costs. See how distribution center solar energy could make a difference at your facility.

Distribution Center Solar Energy – Finding Space

A solar array to power a giant facility like a distribution center takes a great deal of space. Luckily space is something most distribution centers have a lot of. The rooftops of these buildings are flat, unshaded, and largely empty, which creates an ideal installation location for distribution center solar energy systems.

Additionally, these campuses often have unused land which can be repurposed to house the solar array or additional photovoltaic panels to expand the solar panel system. Whether you opt for rooftop or ground installation, previously unused or underused spaces go to work for your facility.

The flat roofs of these facilities take direct sun each day, where ultraviolet rays damage roofing materials over time. Bare, the roof damage which means a shortened service life and early replacement. Solar panel equipment installed on rooftops protects the roof from harmful UV rays, increasing the roof’s usable life while limiting damage and the need for repairs.

Power Consumption in Distribution Center Solar Energy Users

Distribution centers consume a great amount of power each year, which varies based on factors such as operating hours, climate, number of workers, and area. Distribution center solar energy systems create electricity used by the facility to power operations, including lighting and climate control systems as well as various types of equipment.


The power generated by a distribution center solar energy system reduces the amount of utility power a facility consumes. It is more affordable, and in some cases excess power can be stored for future use or sold back to a utility provider through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). 

The power produced by a distribution center solar energy system is not subject to rate increases like utility power, which has the potential to significantly bust operating budgets.


The cost of services provided in a distribution center is calculated with operating costs in mind. When a facility reduces operating costs through the use of a distribution center solar energy system, profits increase. This provides opportunities to fund capital improvements or employee compensation programs. You may pay off debt or pass savings on to clients, which generates more value in business relationships.


The installation of a distribution center solar energy system helps facilities maximize sustainability savings and generate fewer carbon emissions. Lighting is a major concern in distribution centers and many facilities have already made the switch to more energy efficient lighting systems. 

Distribution center solar energy systems maximize efficiency through the creation of clean power to run these systems. Clean power use minimizes carbon emissions produced through the facility’s operation, further benefiting a company’s sustainability efforts.

Control Utility Costs in Your Distribution Center with Solar Energy

Distribution center solar energy systems are an ideal solution to power your operations. Are you ready to see how your facility benefits from solar installation? Get in touch with Telamon Energy today to get started.