The Cost Saving Benefits of LED Lighting in Warehouses

There is a growing desire from facility managers to add LED lighting in their warehouses. And it’s not just because going with LED bulbs is trendy, but there are a lot of cost-saving benefits a business can experience.

Typically, LED high bays utilize 60% less energy than traditional fluorescent and HID lighting systems. These LED lighting solutions are designed to reduce your energy consumption costs while providing your warehouse space with regular, contemporary lighting.

Are you a facility manager or someone who overlooks costs at a warehouse or factory facility? Let’s breakdown just a few cost-saving benefits your warehouse can experience by making the switch to LED lighting.

Longer Bulb Life

LED technology is known to last as much as four times longer than other light sources. Depending on how large your warehouse is, you can have numerous lights that need to be replaced which can get very expensive. This can get especially pricey since most warehouses have light fixtures mounted many feet above the floor. Upgrading to an LED system in your warehouse you are reducing the number of times you need to pay someone to replace burnt out lights.

New LEDs can last 50,000 to 100,000 hours or more. The typical lifespan for a metal halide bulb, by comparison, is 12-30 percent as long at best (generally between 6,000 and 15,000 hours). By opting in for a longer life light source, LED lights will reduce your maintenance costs by as much as three times.  

Safer Work Environment

Brighter facilities are safer facilities. Warehouses generally are big spaces, with tall shelves and deep aisles. This can lead to a lot of darkened areas without the proper lighting. Bright new LED lights will illuminate all areas of a warehouse facility. LEDs are also more reliable and longer lasting than other lighting alternatives.

LED lighting in warehouses is also easier on the eyes. Turn on a fluorescent light and it’s bound to flicker. Turn on a high bay LED lamp, and you’ll get the light you want immediately. In fact, turn it on and off as often as you want – you won’t notice any problems or flickering. Replacing older warehouse fixtures with LED lights can minimize workplace accidents, errors, and improve safety. This can reduce your medical insurance benefit costs and keep production running at a high level with a fully staffed floor.

Flexible Configurations

Many LED lighting systems can be integrated into an automated wireless network which can control how the lights operate. This not only accelerates savings but also provides superior lighting management capabilities. A networked system allows individual fixtures or zones to be configured, scheduled, and task tuned while also reporting on alerts and energy.

In many warehouses, lighting control components are often difficult to reach or may be too far to access. One option is to incorporate motion sensors to coordinate LED light usage based on occupancy in various areas of the warehouse. In spaces where there is no activity, there is no need to keep lights on at all times. This is another opportunity for warehouse owners to keep their energy usage and utility costs down.

Employee Satisfaction

Numerous research studies document the relationship between lighting conditions and human performance. Working for an extended period in insufficient lighting can lead to worker fatigue; conversely, exposure to appropriate levels of light can make employees more alert which can lead to happier, safer employees and fewer errors.

Healthier and happier workers are safer workers. Bright, effective lights can help avoid accidents which can hold up production and, of course, even result in fatalities. This can hurt productivity not only practically but also in having to deal with the repercussions of horrible accidents. Happy employees also means less turnover which can cost your business time and money.

Improved Productivity

Natural sunlight is the best way to keep workers productive. When natural light isn’t possible, like in a warehouse, LED lights are the next best alternative. LED lighting can emit a bright, pure white light that appears like daylight, causing a bodily reaction similar to natural sunlight.

Lights that are too dim or too harsh will directly affect worker performance. It’s been said implementing brighter lighting, like LEDs, can provide health improvements and increased productivity.

LED lighting in warehouses is a great option to reduce your energy costs, while also improving work habits and the well-being of your employees. At Telamon Energy Solutions, we build energy platforms that focus on conservation, management, and solar energy generation, while helping to develop a clear corporate energy strategy that is customized to your business. Request a free energy assessment of your business today.