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We provide LED lighting solutions for:

  • Education (K-12 School Districts)

  • Local and State Governments

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing

  • Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses

  • Utilities and Co-Ops

Facility managers and business owners are quickly making the transition to commercial LED lighting from other types of incandescent, metal halide and legacy bulbs. It’s a fast growing trend and a growing number of commercial organizations are starting to notice the huge cost savings from making the switch. With today’s pricing, LED lights offer up to 67% cost savings over traditional lights. LED lights also last longer (up to 10 years), therefore cost less to maintain/replace, and provide better light for customers and workers.

Imagine driving by a car dealership at night, or walking out to your car after working in a shopping center, or working in a manufacturing plant, and not having the proper lighting to see safely or do your job properly. LED lighting can have a great impact on the working conditions of your employees, the safety of your consumers, and your utility bills. When businesses make the switch to LED lighting, they may only think to replace parking lot or exterior lighting, without even touching the interior lights. The energy and financial savings alone would be enough to finance an LED retrofit for the interior, not to mention making your business a safer place to work and shop.

At Telamon Energy Solutions, we leave a lasting impact on our clients’ facilities ensuring they receive the right commercial LED lighting solution that fits their unique needs, while staying within their budget.

Facts About Commercial LED Lighting

The truth is every commercial lighting space has different lighting needs. Finding the right LED lighting commercial products can be challenging if done on your own. Commercial LED lighting solutions come in all shapes and sizes with specific needs for specific situations. Supply your business with indoor and outdoor LED lighting that fits your budget from Telamon Energy Solutions.

You spend a lot of time at your workplace. It is essential for you, your employees, and your shoppers to feel comfortable in your facilities. Lighting can have a huge impact on work performance, so when it comes to deciding on lighting for your commercial space, it’s imperative that you make sure what you’re buying is right for the type of business you will run. Telamon Energy Solutions works with you, assessing what type of fixture, brightness, and coverage is best for your space.

Our trained LED lighting specialists will be there to help you put together a layout that will fit your budget and optimize your workplace’s lighting capabilities. From flat panels and high bays, to exit signs, wall packs and explosion proof fixtures, Telamon Energy Solutions has the expertise to be called a leader in commercial LED lighting solutions.

How Telamon Helps Organizations Make the Transition to Commercial LED Lighting

At Telamon Energy Solutions, we take the time to understand your energy consumption history and find a custom solution based from their actual bills. We are your energy efficiency partner, not just another vendor you find online. The benefit of working with Telamon is we are not dedicated to any manufacturer. We can go out into the market and look at all providers to choose what is best for you, from a financial and efficiency standpoint. We want our clients to experience the cost saving benefits of LED lighting for their businesses for years to come.

  • We conduct a full financial feasibility analysis of your facility.

  • We project manage the retrofitting and installation of your new LED lighting system to the interior and exterior of your business.

  • After implementation of your new commercial LED lighting system, we sign off on the project to ensure completion.

  • We submit rebate paperwork on your behave to your utility for your compensation.

LED Lighting Solutions vs. Conventional Commercial Lighting (Halogens, Incandescents, Compact Fluorescents)

Traditional LED Savings
Metal Halide 460w LED High Bay 230w 50%
T5HO Lamp 360w LED Low Profile 185w 49%
HIID Wall Pack 290w LED Wall Pack 135w 53%
32 watt T8 Fluorescent 18w LED Tube 48%

Let LED Lighting Power Your Company’s Future