ExpertShare - Energy Management Consulting Services for Your Business

Let Telamon Energy Solutions guide you to complete energy efficiency.

Having a full time energy engineer would allow any organization to lower utility costs, drive the right investments, manage energy consumption, and plan for the future. The problem is can you afford to add another full-time employee that is not tied to the core mission? That’s why we offer energy management consulting services.

ExpertShare allows you to add one of our certified energy managers to your team as a contractor, working alongside your team as you need them. Billed on a monthly basis, you get an engineer to develop energy benchmarks, create strategies to save money, implement, and drive the improvement process, and to monitor outcomes.

Our energy management consulting team will not only become part of your team, but we will help create energy champions within your organization to add more focus to energy savings.

Short Term Contracts. Long Lasting Results.

We believe that integrating a robust energy-optimization strategy into everyday operating practices minimizes risk and improves your bottom line. Our energy management consultants will evaluate your company’s current situation, identifies gaps between existing and ideal performance levels, develops strategic plans, and implements improvement projects to close those gaps.

With ExpertShare, our engineers can produce ongoing energy audits, look at the programs offered by your area utilities, look at existing machines and materials used in your energy consumption, such as lighting, boilers, fans, automation systems, and more. The possibilities are endless, and so are the energy saving with ExpertShare.

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