"Energy is a huge part of our process, and the data management of our energy consumption is key to our performance. Telamon Energy Solutions has been an invaluable partner in the process, and their can-do attitude allows us to leverage their capabilities as our needs evolve and change. We value our relationship with Telamon because they are always open to doing whatever we need them to do to complement our business and the markets we serve.”

-Mark Dhennin
Director of Energy

City of Carmel

"Not only is Telamon Energy Solutions a proud member of the Carmel business community, but they are also valuable partners to the City. Their forward thinking energy expertise provides the City with creative solutions, a reduced carbon footprint, and cost savings via clean renewable energy. We value them as a neighbor and as part of our team.”

-Jim Brainard
Mayor of Carmel

Conner Prairie

"Telamon Energy Solutions simply gets the job done. We met with various energy and lighting companies before ultimately selecting them. We chose Telamon because they listened to our concerns, came up with solutions to our problems, and provided us with tangible cost savings. We look forward to working with them on additional cost savings and energy management projects in the future.”

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-Kyle Wenger
Chief Financial Officer

Tri-Creek Schools

"The team at Telamon Energy Solutions was a pleasure to work with. Coming into our solar project after we were pitched a variety of competing solutions, Telamon helped us to design and choose the best system for us and saved us over $200K in the process. They stood with us in the legislature and went toe to toe with opponents to net metering to protect our project. They were with us every step of the way…from RFP to ribbon cutting. A great team and an amazing partner.”

-Dana Bogathy
Business Director