Solar Energy for Higher Education & K-12

Practice what you teach, and save big with solar.

Across the United States, more colleges, universities, and school districts are moving towards a renewable and productive learning environment. Telamon Energy Solutions not only helps organizations reduce the growing electricity costs for educational facilities, but also provides a positive learning experience in harnessing renewable energy for the future generations of our country. Learn more about solar energy for education by reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency in your classrooms.

Economic Benefits of Solar Energy in Higher Education

According to the Department of Energy, taxpayers are spending $6 billion on energy costs for K-12 schools. That’s more than technology and textbooks combined. Electricity costs are one of the few areas of a school's budget that can’t be trimmed without negatively affecting the student experience. Solar power provides a more efficient way for schools to reduce their fixed expenses while meeting their energy needs.

Savings Stats

  • K-12 schools with solar installations = 3,752

  • Combined electricity costs from those schools = $77.8 million

  • This combined value could pay the salary for 2,200 new teachers or 155,000 tablets for students

Why Should Your School Go Solar Now?

The longer your school waits to go solar, the more it costs. If your school is a private school, you are eligible for the solar federal investment tax credit, which is equal to 30 percent of the solar installation. Unfortunately under current statues these rates will decrease to 26 percent in 2020, 22 percent in 2021, and only 10 percent after 2021. If your school is a public sector institution you may be eligible for solar leasing programs or power purchase agreements, (depending upon state regulations) with no money down. Solar energy systems from Telamon Energy Solutions will start saving you money the day your system is activated, and throughout the life of the solar energy system.

Full Service Renewable Energy Services for Higher Education

A lot of commercial solar energy providers will only design, engineer and build a solar energy solution project. At Telamon Energy Solutions, we bring a full array of deliverables that our education clients don’t have to pay for out of their pockets to receive.

  • Free Financial Feasibility and Analysis

  • Financing Options through Leasing and where permitted Power Purchase Agreements

  • Project Design

  • Request for Proposal Planning and Execution

  • Construction Project Management and Utility Connectivity

  • Perform Final Walkthrough Before Project is Completed

Total Energy Package for Higher Education

The opportunity to make the most of underutilized spaces while saving money gives administrators no reason not to consider solar power for their energy needs. At Telamon Energy Solutions, we are able to assist by providing a suite of solutions:

  • Solar Energy Solutions

  • LED Lighting

  • Building Automation

  • ExpertShare

  • Energy Storage Systems

Ready to Lower Energy Costs at Your School?