Solar Energy for Healthcare

A healthy, energy-efficient facility is a critical part of patient care.

Healthcare facilities require constant running of energy-intensive equipment, HVAC, and other electrical necessities, which leads to energy bills being a significant line item in your growing operating costs. Solar energy solutions from Telamon can provide an avenue for greater control over energy expenses for healthcare facilities, from hospitals and senior living facilities, to urgent care clinics and physician’s offices.

Economic Benefits of Solar Energy in Healthcare

Hospitals represent the second most energy intensive building type, with 117 kWh per square foot, second only to supermarkets. That averages out to $675,000 per year on energy alone. As demand for healthcare services grows, so too does the need for clean, reliable energy to power healthcare facilities. Telamon Energy Solutions can help your hospital or healthcare business go solar, and help you see savings in real dollars. Rather than continuing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on annual electric bills, it can be used to make operational improvements, purchase new equipment, hire more staff, and operate overall more efficiently.

Why Should Your Healthcare Facility Go Solar Now?

The longer a healthcare facility waits, the more it costs your operation, particularly if you are a private hospital or have a private arm to your not for profit facility. The federal investment tax credit for solar is equal to 30 percent of the amount invested in an eligible installation. However, these rates will decrease to 26 percent in 2020, 22 percent in 2021, and only 10 percent after 2021. By taking advantage of solar energy solutions and available incentive programs now, your healthcare facility will start saving money the day your system is activated, and throughout the life of the solar energy system.

Full Service Renewable Energy Services for Healthcare

Many commercial solar energy providers will only design, engineer and build a solar energy solution project. At Telamon Energy Solutions, we bring a full array of deliverables that our healthcare clients don’t have to pay for in order to receive.

  • Free Financial Feasibility and Analysis

  • Financing Options through Leasing and where permitted Power Purchase Agreements

  • Project Design

  • Request for Proposal Planning and Execution

  • Project Oversight Between Construction Groups and Utility Company

  • Perform Final Walkthrough Before Project is Completed

Renewable Energy Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

As demand for healthcare services grows, so does the need for renewable energy solutions to power the increasing number of facilities. While it may sound daunting to learn about an entirely new form of energy, at Telamon Energy Solutions, we are here to help. We provide healthcare facilities with:

  • Solar Energy Solutions

  • LED Lighting

  • Building Automation

  • ExpertShare

  • Utility Bill Pay and Asset Management

You preach proactiveness to patients. Be proactive through sustainability.