Plymouth school corporation announces energy efficiency program

In an impressive tactical and strategical fashion, the Plymouth School Corporation announced an aggressive cost savings and energy efficiency program related to LED lights. Working with Telamon Enterprise Ventures (TEV), Plymouth realized the incredible and immediate savings from upgrading their lights from traditional incandescent bulbs to LED technology. “By implementing new fixtures and LED technology, the school corporation is poised to save over 66% immediately and literally at the flip of a switch,” stated TEV General Manager Reggie Henderson. 

Superintendent Andy Hartley and the school board approved funding to convert five schools to LED lights. TEV renovated the schools over a six month period, and in addition to the energy savings, increased the average light quality and foot candle readings by over 30% percent. Bruce Breeden, VP of Sales for TEV and a Plymouth native, relished the opportunity to return home and lead a project in Plymouth. Last year, Breeden also led a 200kw solar initiative where TEV, in partnership with General Energy Solutions, designed and constructed the array as part of the NIPSCO feed-in tariff program. TEV is proud to be partners with Superintendent Hartley and Mayor Senter as they continue to implement their energy strategy.